Wasatch Back Ragnar 2011

Ragnie, Rad, Ragnar, Nar, Gnarly, Nar, Ragnar. After experiencing the most high endurance relay-run in all the land, these are the words that came pouring out of my mouth. You may be sounding like this too after you and your 11 teammates relay 191 miles over the beautiful mountaintops of northeastern Utah!

Team Snow Hunnies killed it, with the help of our friends from Aseda. Our team rode in two trucks…..winding through canyons, and dirt roads, while one runner at a time powered up and down these paths. The Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs were perfect for this adventure. Instead of slurping the typical energy goos you usually run across in a race such as the Ragnar, our team enjoyed a gift from nature. The Aseda Energy Pack is the perfect size. It travels well and fits in a small pocket, readily available when an extra energy boost is needed. 

Raw honey is a high anti-oxidant-rich, functional food, providing sustainable energy that burns even and slow, unlike sugars that burn quick and leave you feeling like you hit a wall. Studies have shown raw honey possesses an anti-inflammatory effect, which is perfect for the joints of a runner or any other athlete. The enzymes and pre/pro biotics found in honey aid with digestion. Given Aseda Wild Honey’s dark color and mineral rich taste, it is possible that the qualities listed here, are more concentrated than with lighter raw honeys.

My favorite run of my three legs was the 5.5 miles around Rockport Lake. I ran this at 2 am, with the almost full moon beaming down and reflecting off the lake. It was chilly, but I didn’t notice. I was busy taking in the moment. My music playing in my ears and cheering me on…The dark outline of the mountain against the black sky…The stars shining brightly down on me…The moon, shining in the lake, lighting up the valley, yet keeping its promise to not reveal any secrets…My breath, showing little ice crystals in the air and just how cold it really was…All while sipping on my Aseda Energy Pack…This was an excellent run!

Watching my teammates nail these runs was exciting to say the least. Our team of 12 was joined by over 1100 teams from all over the World. The energy was high…the air was saturated with it……because of this, our team only squeezed in 1-3 hours of sleep each over the 34 hour relay. We definitely had something to celebrate when we were done.

All and all, Team Snow Hunnies rocked the Wasatch Back! Thanks to Aseda, we had natural, healthy energy booster, to help us do what we do best……Kick Butt!

Original Post June 27, 2011