Hippies in Disguise!

Look around… You know them… Almost every family, every neighborhood, and every circle of friends has a least one. If you are lucky, your community has more than can be counted. What do you get when you mix a co-operative mentality with the need to change the world around you, a dash of activism and the unwillingness to conform? A hippie! That’s right. You may be one yourself without even knowing. In the 60’s and 70’s, it was easy to spot a hippie. Free loving, tie-died t-shirt wearing, music listening, idealist. In the 80’s…I agree, harder to spot. In the 90’s it was easy because the hippies of this day and age, were their children, copying the attire, the attitude of mind expansion and music, yet no one took them seriously.

Now, hippies are undercover, they are in disguise. These kids are all grown up and some of the people from their parents’ generation are taking the ideas of these “kids” seriously. Together, they are creating businesses, sharing ideas, mentoring and learning from each other. We are all surrounded by hippies! No need to hide away your children or your checkbooks. These people are modern day pioneers, like all the “hippies” before the. At the forefront of changing the way America works. We have developed into a global economy. Our young people are competing in the world market for jobs. The fact that we are all connected is becoming more prevalent every day. A new form of capitalism is emerging. One that focuses on the whole of humanity, treading lightly on Earth, the betterment of everyone, the idea of co-operative first…yet still profitably. Yes, it can be done and is being done right now! You can have an extremely successful business without harm. Socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible, this is the new capitalism.

Next time you see a sharp looking business woman or man in a suit, or a totally creative guy or gal that is dressed like they just made their way back from Burning Man, send some thoughts of gratitude their way. They may be hippies in disguise, working feverishly to enhance our human experience.  

Bee Creative, Bee Proactive, Bee*Aseda.

Go ahead, embrace your inner hippie and proudly join the ranks of the “Hippies in Disguise.”

*Aseda means gratitude.

Original Post Jan 4, 2012

Art by Lacking Luster