Aseda Athlete Program

As leaders in their disciplines, the Aseda Athlete pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. As leaders of cultural change, they recognize the opportunity that being in the spotlight brings, and seek to help the collective consciousness shift toward sustainability within their respective sports industries and beyond.

The Aseda Athlete understands how important it is to connect what they love doing with how they do it; by walking the talk, by aligning with companies that push the boundaries of social and environmental responsibility, and by being a positive role model for others.

Whether flying down the steepest of drops in Alaska, holding unthinkable speeds around gates, clinging from rock faces, dropping into the roar or breaking waves, or pushing the thresholds of exhaustion after going the extra mile, the Aseda Athlete is extending the known boundaries of the professional athlete.

The spirit of our athlete program is captured in this video of Tanner Rosenthal and Oakley White-Allen as they hit the slopes of Snowbird with nutrient rich Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs.


“The Aseda honey is an extraordinary black honey carrying with it the life-giving essence of the pure African forest environment where it originates. As a connoisseur of honey I am proud to state that Aseda is one of the world’s best honeys!”

David “Avocado” Wolfe (
Author of Superfoods, Eating For Beauty, and Longevity Now.