A Grand Milestone, Wholefoods

Once upon a time…a little honey company had visions of grandeur with stardust sprinkled in the eyes of its co-creators. They wanted one thing, more than anything. They wanted to see their products be available for all the people in the land. They wanted their honey, which provides revenue for their friends, tribal beekeepers, who reside in an ancient forest in Ghana, to be on the shelves of Wholefoods Market. Some would say, “What a task! It cannot be done! Why is it taking so long?” The starry eyed co-creators would say with a tone of assurance, “Of course it will happen, you must all have patience!”

This journey to the shelves of the nation’s most recognized health food store started about 23 months ago, with a simple meeting and a taste of raw honey. Aseda’s Wild Honey had intrigued Lydia Martinez, the Store Marketing Specialist and the seeker of new local products for Wholefoods in Utah. She is known as the one who brings the best local Utah products to the national retailer! Hence, the lengthy paperwork had begun. The Bee Chief and the Buzz Director spend countless hours writing and networking in the foreign landscape that is Wholefoods. The applications and interviews were many.

Soon, the highly respected Cheese Buyer, Andy Fitzgerrell, joined forces with the three. With the health benefits and the gourmet flavors of Aseda Raw Honey, Andy paired our fantastic honey with cheesesfrom natural farms near and far, to create mouth watering sensations. Aseda’s honey was buzzing.

Then, it happened….The first order of the Aseda’s Raw Honey Energy Packs! A large milestone for Aseda had been crossed. You may now find Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs in the Utah Wholefoods locations. Jars will soon be available. Huge Aseda “THANK YOU” for the support we have had along the way. Thank you for making what could have been a fairytale, become a reality.

What next? These two passionate creators’ dreams, aspirations and desires have grown. Stay tuned to see what is around the next bend, in this journey named Aseda.

Original Post November 7, 2012