Sun-dancing with Gratitude!

Aseda’s participation at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival is coming to a close. Aseda applied a unique layer of sweetness to the parties in Park City this year. We were enthusiastically received by many. We shared our gift of Aseda with the media, stars, producers, insiders, and spectators. We are already seeing the effects of the buzz we created. It is spreading across the country, growing the Aseda Tribe like a bee colony because of this festive gathering.

We would like to give a special thanks to Geralyn Dreyfous, maker of many movies and the master connector who invited Aseda to sponsor a dozen or so Sundance Events. We feel blessed to have been an exciting and intricate part of the experience that is Sun-dancing. The private celebrity parties in honor of Ethel Kennedy and the movie Ethel, the premiere parties for Invisible War and Chasing Ice, and the Mary J Blige talkback were incredible! A spontaneous connection sparked at Wholefoods, with the

lovely ladies of Elevate led us to the Skullcandy Mansion. We were featured and treated like Queen Bees! Check out their hilarious video on YouTube called “the Sh** New Age Girls Say”.

Our video featuring Sundance is right around the corner. In the meantime, check out our facebook page for pictures and glimpses of the busy bees of Aseda.

Original Post January 26, 2012

Art by Indie Wire