Aseda at Sundance 2012

Aseda is grateful for the art of film-making. Every year, the world converges upon a well known mountain town in Utah for the world renowned Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Institute was founded in 1981 by Robert Redford. Sundance is dedicated to actively advancing the work of risk-taking storytellers worldwide. The Institute has always provided a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures.

This year the festivities are from January 19th through January 29th and held throughout the streets of Park City.  Every space on Main Street will be bustling with film makers, celebrities, media, and spectators. Aseda will be front and center at several events, including a few high profile film premieres. The progressive spirit at the core of the Sundance Film Festival speaks directly to the social missions of the Aseda Tribe. This festival brings Aseda Wild Honey and the Aseda Tribes Social Missions to the world stage. 

We are proud to be aligned with such films as CHASING ICE, THE INVISIBLE WAR, ETHEL, and READY TO FLY.  We feel these projects represent a dedication to fostering awareness and diversity through the art of storytelling. What better way to express our gratitude than by sharing Aseda Raw Honey with Sundance, while carrying Aseda’s message of social responsibility and sustainability. Keep checking back with us for all of the latest news as we kick off 2012 in a big way, at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Our participation includes partnering with Wholefoods and Tony Caputos. We are excited to offer the taste of Aseda Wild Honey, paired with some of the finest cheeses around.

Original Post January 19, 2012