Raw Honey for Burns and Wounds

Raw Honey for Burns and Wounds

Typically, when we have an open wound or a burn we tend to clean it up and put a bandage over top of it. While this does protect the damaged area, it’s not effective at healing the abrasion. Many people apply antibiotics, like Neosporin, to the affected area to clean out any bacteria, but even this cream can have side effects. One alternative that has been well-documented for centuries is applying raw honey to the wound or cut. Here at Aseda Raw Honey, we carry a supply of the finest raw honey on Earth that is both delicious and full of wound healing properties.

Raw Honey Wound Benefits

Raw honey has been used to treat wounds and burns since biblical times. In fact, the healing properties of raw honey have been mentioned in the Bible and Quran. In modern medicine, raw honey has been proven to help heal wounds and burns and has even been administered by doctors in hospitals. Some benefits of using raw honey on wounds and burns are:

  • Antibiotics: Raw honey has an abundance of antibiotic properties, which are key to helping your body fight off bacteria. Additionally, the pollen and nectar from flowers used to create the raw honey also contains antibiotic properties.
  • Chemical Compounds: Usually chemical compounds mean that the honey is not actually raw, but raw honey contains trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which is used to kill bacteria.
  • Natural: While raw honey has been shown to have these miraculous healing benefits, commercial-grade honey does not. In fact, using commercial grade honey on an open wound or burn can cause an infection to develop or get progressively worse. This is because commercial-grade honey contains high fructose corn syrup, which can feed bacteria.

Other Health Benefits

Raw honey is a great topical healer, but it has many other far-reaching health benefits. For example, raw honey has been shown to clear up sunburns and acne better than most commercial products. Raw honey does not contain anything except for the honey collected from the hive, so you never have to worry about any harmful ingredients.

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