Anthony Baron Kirk – The Face of Conscious Entrepreneurship

In January Nadine Christine Hamdan, Hollywood writer and Television producer interviewed Anthony Baron Kirk about his company Aseda Raw Honey and was so blown away by his articulation and purpose, that she submitted this article to OM Times Magazine verbatim.

Long have I sought a threshold to begin my journey toward helping the world and it landed on the gateway to Africa.  I have watched and studied many people and many companies, looking for others that feel the way that I do about the world and the horrors that take place in every division of it.  I have looked for inspiration and although finding a little, I have mostly been disappointed.  At some point I awakened to the possibility that I had the power to create something like I would like to see.  Sourced from my own inspiration and guided by my heart, I began a journey toward creating a new world business concept.

I have formed a company, Aseda, LLC ( which provides a cooperative exchange and supports sustainable bee keeping, local ecosystems and local communities in Ghana, Africa and my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Aseda means Gratitude and this is and has been my guiding life purpose.   From this philosophy of Gratitude I have poured my love and inspiration into a business model that is purposed around a cooperative exchange.

Capitalism transmuted into Cooperatives.  Exploitation into sustainability. Materialism into conscious purchasing.  The framework for responsible business practices has all people and steps included within.  A huge undertaking I know and what better time to propose such revolutionary ideas to the market.

My love of life and this earth that supports it spurred the creation of a great vision; a social and environmentally responsible company which focuses on educating the world about bees, their importance and the impending crisis we face form their disappearance.  Creating a world of conscious commerce.

The love for an amazing and truly unique honey, the connection to a tribal chief and the childhood dream of being involved with Africa all came together at the precisely the same moment.   From this opportune moment the beginnings of a socially and environmentally driven company began.

A travel to the remote region of northern Ghana sealed the journey to create the cooperative exchange.  Aseda positions itself from the relationship that I built and the focus to build a model where giving back to the native peoples, the land and building a sustainable bee keeping operation are at the heart of the project.  On the home front, Aseda builds itself utilizing local and sustainable resources.  Our mission is to educate the population about the disasters facing the honey bee and the astounding benefits of pure, raw honey.  This humble servant, the bee is the representation of the health of our environment and the bee is disappearing.

We are interconnected with the honey bee and their fate is ours.  Our outreach program for Backyard Bee Keeping and the involvement of local grade schools is taking the education to the source, our children.

My love of life is the connection I feel to all things and all people.  As we move forward in this great time of change I am committed to these principles.  I seek not to exclude anyone in this process.  The passion that drives me is the profound connection I feel to all things.  To grow a “you and me” world from the ashes of the “you or me” world from whence we came is the future I see.  To continue with the success of our model in Ghana and reach out to many other areas of the world is the future for Aseda.  My mission is to create and express from this place found deep within my heart.  For now is the time.

I have spent the better part of my life seeking to understand health and wellness both from within my body and the earth around me.  Bombarded by food stuff and products all with the same theme of death and destruction, I have been a man lost at sea.  It seemed that everywhere I would turn; there would be some conflicting research about the latest and greatest medicine or food product and its ability to cure this or be good for that.  And yet, all around I see people ever sicker, a planet ever destroyed and people less happy the more stuff they surround themselves with.  I have experienced this chaos myself, falling into the pattern of more.   More house, more car, more credit cards, more gear, more clothes more food from all over the globe.., and less time, less energy, less health, less sleep, less fun and less joy.  Awakening to the unsustainable features within my own life has given me the opportunity to begin creating a world with a much higher vibration.

Deep within my own body I began to look.  Holding the insights into the world around us, our polluted and toxic inner environments give us the perfect starting grounds for real change.  Over 18 years in the study of holistic health I found that the answer to all of our health and planetary concerns are found within our own bodies and how we choose to treat them.

Passionate about the food that I put into my mouth led me to know the farmer’s that grow it.  Taking the time to detoxify my body I found that my thoughts became clearer as well.

Seeing through the distorted messages coming through in broken segments of information, I recognized an available clear steam of energy.

A vibration held high with like hearted individuals also creating a healthy world.  Businesses sprouting all over the world driven by a social and environmental life force finding their paths to the sun and growing in acceptance and appreciation form a burgeoning market of conscious consumers.  I began to see the possibilities.

I am deeply thankful for my health and fitness journey along the way; it has brought me to the wisdom imparted from experience and the opportunity to create a business formed from a dream. We will see the transformation of our environment once we have dealt with the one inside our bodies and our souls.

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Anthony and Team Aseda will be at Sundance Film Festival in January.  Check out their website  for their incredible honey and schedule. Connect with Anthony on Facebook