Chewy Crunchy Honey???

It seems that those 3 words cannot live in the same sentence.  Only a true lover of honey would know otherwise.  Raw honey has a tendency to crystallize when it becomes cold. During crystallization, glucose sugar separates from water and become crystals, while fructose remains as a liquid. That is why crystallized honey thickens, becomes more viscous and sets a lighter colour than when liquid.  This is the most obvious sign of a honey being truly raw, unprocessed, and in the form that nature intended.  You can easily re-liquefy it by running your honey jar under warm, not hot, water, (remember to never warm your honey in a microwave; this will kill the vital enzymes that make raw honey so miraculous).  Crystallized honey is easily used in baking because of the firm texture. It is the same honey, just in a different form.  Like water and ice.  Try it as a spread on your toast or pancake.  Try it as an au-natural facial.  Try a spoon full of it and enjoy the same delicious, unique taste that delivers a new experience-with texture.

Aseda Wild Honey is a truly raw honey and behaves in the same manner.  Snowboarding and skiing friends of Aseda will tell you how to use the Aseda Wild Energy Packs.   First, you put a few in your pocket.  On the snow-capped mountains your packet will begin to crystallize.  If you enjoy your Aseda liquid, place your Energy Pack in an inside pocket close to your body.  The heat from your body will warm the Energy Pack and it will be ready for the second step.  Pull the tab, suck it down, and have the energy for your next killer run down the mountain.  Or, as many Aseda “Bees” have said, they like to chew the yummy, gooey, crystallized Aseda Honey.  If this is your cup of tea….Chewy chew on that.