Aseda Athlete Program

As leaders in their disciplines, the Aseda Athlete pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. As leaders of cultural change, they recognize the opportunity that being in the spotlight brings, and seek to help the collective consciousness shift toward sustainability within their respective sports industries and beyond.

The Aseda Athlete understands how important it is to connect what they love doing with how they do it; by walking the talk, by aligning with companies that push the boundaries of social and environmental responsibility, and by being a positive role model for others.

Whether flying down the steepest of drops in Alaska, holding unthinkable speeds around gates, clinging from rock faces, dropping into the roar or breaking waves, or pushing the thresholds of exhaustion after going the extra mile, the Aseda Athlete is extending the known boundaries of the professional athlete.

The spirit of our athlete program is captured in this video of Tanner Rosenthal and Oakley White-Allen as they hit the slopes of Snowbird with nutrient rich Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs.

Angel Collinson

Aseda Athlete Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson has enjoyed a successful career of competing internationally in ski racing. At the age of 18, she made a smooth transition into big mountain skiing and in her first year competing won the Freeskiing World Tour Title using the technical skill that she achieved from 11 years of dedication to ski racing.

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Oakley White Allen

Aseda Athlete Oakley “OW-A” White-Allen

Oakley White-Allen has been competing as a professional skier since 2000. In 2011, he scored well in big mountain events at the coveted Swatch Skier's Cup at Valle Nevado in Chile. In 2012, Oakley isn't missing a beat. He took 2nd place at the 2012 Canadian Freeskiing Championships in Revelstoke, B.C, and placed 3rd at the 2012 Freeride World Tour in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

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Tanner Rosenthal

Aseda Athlete Tanner “Tansnowman” Rosenthal

Feeling comfortable jumping from four story cliffs, and skiing backwards through mogul fields, some might consider him a "freestyle big mountain" skier. However, for Tanner "Tansnowman" Rosenthal, the mountain is a temple, skiing is prayer, and he would rather just think of himself as a snow shaman in training.

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Anthony Kirk

Aseda Athlete Anthony “Honey Baron” Kirk

Anthony Baron Kirk, President and founder of Aseda, is also the creator of the Aseda Athlete program and our first sponsored Aseda Athlete. As a multi-sport athlete, nutritional consultant and professional athlete trainer, Anthony uses Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs as a nutritional supplement before and after training...

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Ashley Teren

Aseda Athlete Ashley “Uhu” Teren

Ashley “Uhu” Teren (Cherokee/Swedish) is a chronic ski bum and writer for the Indigenous Education Institute. Having lived a snow filled, multi-cultural life, she spent her summers on the Navajo reservation and winters in the mountains of Utah and Idaho; she graduated from high school in Pakistan, traveled the sub-continent extensively, and lived in Hawaii for ten years.

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Rachael Burks

Aseda Athlete Rachael Burks

Rachael Burks. Living currently in the Wasatch range often found between Alta / Snowbird / Brighton – I was taught how to ski by my dad when I was in grade school. The first time I skied I was 3 or 4 in Michigan – but didn’t really start “skiing” until we moved to Utah.

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Kasha Rigby

Aseda Athlete Kasha Rigby

Kasha began skiing as toddler in Vermont and never stopped. Her last 20 years have been dedicated to skiing remote peaks and traveling to all the continents in a nearly non-stop beeline around the globe.

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Sydney Osmun

Aseda Athlete Sydney Osmun

Aseda Athlete Sydney Osmun recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime; a record breaking, paragliding flight off of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. Instead, her adventure lead her to several life or death situations and using Aseda Wild Honey to save lives.

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Hannah Follender

Aseda Athlete Hannah Follender

No Respect. Tell people on a chairlift that you’re from Jersey and that’s exactly what you get. It gets pretty old explaining that parkway exits don’t apply to me, and that the “Jersey Shore” isn’t anywhere near my hometown. “I’m from North Jersey” I’ll tell people, as if that will somehow redeem me.

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Chris Rossi

Aseda Athlete Chris Rossi

Career Podium Finishes 2003 - US Open Men Slalom 3rd 2003 - US NAtionals 2nd
 2003 - Princes Pro Am Men Slalom 2nd
 2004 - MasterCraft Pro Tour Men Slalom 3rd 
2004 - World Cup Thorpe Lakes Men Slalom 2nd

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Kevin Fedderson

Aseda Athlete Kevin (KFed) Fedderson

Joining Aseda because raw honey is one of the purest form of natures energy. FED up with a world of artificial and fillers. I not only want to consume Aseda but spread it out so others can feel it benefits. Time for us to promote nature and not fake commercial products.

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Dashiell Longe

Aseda Athlete Dashiell (Dash) Longe

Reason for joining the Aseda Athlete program: Very intrigued by the mission of the company and finding a way to promote healthy and sustainable products.

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